MLK Dilute Acid Delinting

The MLK Batch System is the most versatile of delinting systems. The acidizing solution consists of a precise mixture of sulfuric acid diluted with water added as a vehicle for coverage. A small amount of surfactant is added to the solution to break the surface tension and aid in coverage. Only enough acid mix solution is applied which reduces wasteful by-products and increases production rates. 

The MLK Delinting System is a batch system suited for production rates of 1/2 to 6 US tons per hour. This range of capabilities is accomplished through the installation of one or more MLK units. Smaller producers can install one MLK, then link future MLK units into a continuous batch system as production volumes dictate. The design of each MLK unit centers on adequate retention time, consistent and thorough air flow, and a gentle cascading, tumbling action as the chief criteria.  

Fuzzy seed is fed into the system by a Precision Feeder specifically designed to consistently feed fuzzy seed into the Acid Reactor. 

The acid mix solution is applied to the fuzzy seed in a stainless steel Reactor chamber. The Reactor is sized and adjusted to meet the desired production rate. Once the seed is completely coated it is conveyed into the MLK. 

The MLK rotation speed and interior baffle design gently tumbles and dries the moisture from the seed. As the moisture evaporates, buffing action removes the dry crystallized lint from the seed. The unique interior baffle design gently scrubs the lint from the seed and allows the lint to be removed in the airflow. Both the drying and buffing happens inside the MLK. The delinted seed exits the MLK and is ready for the cleaning and conditioning equipment.